Mass transfer

This is the page for the graduate Mass Transfer course held at Kyushu University during Spring 2019.

Part of the 2017 course included presentations. You can see two samples here.

Video lessons

Part of the initial section of the course includes video content, as listed below.

1. Defining a concentration gradient

How to define a concentration gradient in terms of mass and molar density.

2. Fick's law

Defining Fick's law in terms of mass and molar density.

3. Defining a stationary medium

Defining a stationary medium in terms of net system velocity and flux.

4. Diffusion coefficient equivalency

The diffusion coefficient of each species in a mixture must be the same (assuming a stationary medium).

5. Bulk Velocity

Clarifying the meaning of "bulk velocity" in terms of mass and molar density.

6. Absolute vs Diffusive flux

A demonstration through derivation of how absolute flux and diffusive flux are linked.

7. Conservation of species

Showing how the gradient of concentration inside a volume is linked to the rate of change of density inside