Active Learning

I utilise active learning methods for all of my classes to maximise student outcomes. In particular, I employ Challenge-Based Active Learning (CBAL).

I occasionally give invited talks about my active learning activities:

Date Location Event
3 July 2019 Kyushu University Next Enhanced Education Program (NEEP) special seminar (Japanese)
4 Sept 2018 Kyushu University UK-Japan Engineering Education Workshop (English)
30 Aug 2018 Kurume University Active Learning workshop for department of nursing (Japanese)
24 May 2018 Tokyo, EU delegation European Research Night 2018 #3: Open science's impact on research careers (English)
26 Sept 2017 Kyushu University The ATLAS Initiative: STEM教育に置けるアクティブラーニングの大量採用を目指して (video, slides) (Japanese)


Video-based instruction: My experience of experimenting with video-based instruction and the scalable-learning platform.